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Model United Nations of Hamburg

Hamburg: The metropolis at the water

Hamburg is one if the three city states, located in the North of Germany. It is the second largest city in Germany and the most populated non-capital city of Europe. Hamburg is a city of water since on the one hand the river Elbe flows through Hamburg on its long way to the North Sea. On the other hand you can find the river Alster which is divided into two parts: The "inner Alster" and the "outer Alster". The "inner Alster" is located in the City, next to the Jungfernstieg, one of Hamburg's most and beautiful streets where shopping is highly recommended. Many inhabitants of Hamburg like to sit there in summer, relax and enjoy watching the Alster boats. Something that you will recognize very soon is the high number of bridges in Hamburg. This is why Hamburg is called the 'City of Bridges' since it has more bridges than Venice and Rotterdam totalled. Further Hamburg is a city with a long history. For example Hamburg was part of the medieval Hanseatic League. So you see, Hamburg is one if the unmissable city's of Germany.